Group Health Insurance

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  • It helps in boosting the employee morale and decrease company’s liabilities. It also provide options of floater cover, coverage of the entire family in a given SI.
  • There is no need of physical health check-up
  • It covers People regardless of their age and present state of health
  • Simple quote with all features explained simply.
  • Employees DOB, Sum Insured and add on will be required to get the quote.


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  • Pre Existing Diseases from the Day 1 if taken in the policy.
  • Room Rent
  • Maternity Cover
  • Baby Expenses Cover
  • Domiciliary hospitalization; at hospital in India as in – patient
  • Age limit – Persons of age limit ranging from 1 day -80 years can be covered
  • Pre hospitalisation – Relevant medical expenses 30 Days Prior to hospitalisation are covered
  • Post hospitalisation – Relevant medical expenses 60 days after hospitalization are covered
  • Corporate Floater cover – With additional Sum Insured over and above cumulatie Sum Insured of the policy.
  • Free Medical Check Up for selected employees upon <50% LR in six months running policy.

Benefits Overview of Group Health Insurance

Tailor Made Policy

Group health policy is tailor made policy where client take opt or opt out any of the add on as per their requirement. The basic cover only sudden accidental /disease cover and with little extra premium client can take add ons like Pre existing cover, Maternity etc. which wider the coverage of the policy.

Corporate Floater Option

With extra premium client can opt for Corporate floater Sum insured option where additional Sum insured will be given the policy over and above cumulative sum insured of all the employees in the policy

Pre-existing Diseases Covered

Group insurance waives of the waiting period for pre-existing diseases if taken as add on and each individual is fully covered irrespective of their personal medical history.Medical history of an individual has no bearing on their future coverage.No medical check-up done for individuals to determine eligibility for coverage. Coverage also applicable for chronic ailments such as diabetes, Hyper tension etc.

Maternity benefits with 0 Waiting Period

Group health insurance policies cover maternity benefit for employees and their spouse if taken as add on coverage .Maternity benefits are covered immediately with no waiting period .Avail pre and post natal expenses along with delivery expenses. New born baby will also be covered immediately without the standard 90 day waiting period. Internal congenital diseases are covered.

No disease wise restrictions

All diseases are covered from day one, without standard waiting period of one to four years unlike in individual health policies. Common surgeries like Cataract, Hernia, Piles, Knee Replacement are covered from day 1
No waiting period on critical ailments
Full sum assured available for all diseases
No co-pay on specific ailments

Why Policy Nivesh

We are not selling anything online rather just educate customer about the product features , coverages, exclusions , claim settlement and all other things where customer get confused while buying any insurance/loans etc. If customer is satisfied with our product details than may ask for competitive quotes from various insurers.

Asked Questions

In general, the period of coverage for each policy is 1 (one) year.
Yes, hospitalization costs are covered from day 1. A standard waiting period of 30 days is waived in our policy. However claims need to be submitted as per set guidelines.
No, in a Group Medical Policy, medical underwriting is not done for each individual separately; hence there is no need to undergo any medical test.
Reimbursement is not provided beyond the sum insured specified in the Group Health Insurance Policy. You could consider an additional benefit called, Corporate Buffer, which could be utilized by an employee if his or her sum assured gets exhausted.
Yes. Cashless claims service will be available at all network hospitals of the respective insurer. Typically, each insurer has more than 4000 hospitals on their network across India.
Yes, insurance company reimburses expenses even if the insured member does not use the network hospital. To get your reimbursement, you need to submit your medical bills along with other documents as specified by the insurance company and normally the claim will be settle in 15-25 days.
Minimum 10 Employees and with family minimum 25 members can be cover under Group health insurance cover.
Yes, startups can always opt for a group plan which covers both the employees’ and their immediate family members to reach the minimum limits required by the insurer. Few insurers have special plan for new start ups as well.
Only employer can claim the premium paid for the group insurance policy as a tax deduction., An employee is not entitled to IT exemption under the health cover provided by an employer.
Complete hospitalisation expenses incurred by an employee on self and dependents like spouse, family, and parents, are covered under a group health insurance.

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