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  • Internal Crime Loss sustained by the Organisation as a result of fraudulent of dishonest acts of employee
  • External Crime loss sustained by the Organisation as a result of  Forgery, Counterfeiting, Telephonic misuse, Fraudulent alteration, Computer misuse, Extortion caused by any other Person

Benefits Overview of Fire Insurance

Prior Period Exclusion

Claims pertaining to a period before the retroactive date are not covered. If there is a break in the renewal of the insurance then the retroactive date is reset to the start date of the new insurance. We prevent this by ensuring timely renewal.

Known Issues

Claims that come about from an issue that was known before the insurance was bought are rejected. The insurer will cross examine the case closely to see when the company became aware of the matter. This can be addressed by clearly describing any known issues when you buy your first Commercial Crime Liability cover.

Inadmissible Claims

If organizations sometimes fail to report incidents because they seem unlikely to merit attention, organizations also submit claims for incidents that fall short of triggering the insurance agreement. This is also one of the reasons that claims are denied. Organizations should be sure to understand the detail of their policy language. That must also include the policy’s exclusion.

Why Policy Nivesh

We are not selling anything online rather just educate customer about the product features , coverages, exclusions , claim settlement and all other things where customer get confused while buying any insurance/loans etc. If customer is satisfied with our product details than may ask for competitive quotes from various insurers.

Asked Questions

Commercial crime insurance policy is a first party loss insurance i.e., loss suffered by the insured due to a crime committed by a third party. In wake of increased instances of cyber-crime and online swindling of money and fraud done by trusted employees and strangers from different part of the country and the world, it is a safe bet to protect the financial liabilities and losses of your enterprise by taking a dedicated commercial crime insurance policy. Commercial crime policy is essentially to cover white collar crime.
The premium amount of commercial crime insurance policy is calculated by assessing the following –

  • The nature of the business such as banking, IT, health etc.
  • Size of the company, employees and revenue generated
  • History of previous claim settlement
  • The intricacies of the security measured adopted by the enterprise to secure its financial doors and of course computer security
Most crime insurance policies provide a very wide definition of employees that includes –

  • Fulltime employees
  • Contractual employees
  • Crime committed by identified and unidentified employees
Yes, computer fraud is covered by crime insurance policy.
Yes, computer fraud covered by third party over the web is often covered under crime policy insurance. However, do check with your insurer regarding the same.
Yes, any kind of fraud, cyber-crime or money swindling committed by contractual is covered by commercial crime insurance policy.

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