Comprehensive General Liability

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  • CGL Policy covers legal liability towards Third parties arising out of Bodily Injury
  • Products and completed Operations
  • Property Damage
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
  • CGL Operates as a Combination of Public Liability and Product Liability Policies. The Covers available are Act of God Perils, Lift Liability, Garage – Keeper Liability, Incidental medical malpractice.
  • Travel of Executives
  • Events Liability
  • Product Recall Exclusion
  • Sudden and Accidental Pollution
  • Coverage for Insured’s Projects
  • Food and Beverage, Valet Parking, Automatic coverage for subsidiaries.

Benefits Overview of Fire Insurance

Prior Period Exclusion

Claims pertaining to a period before the retroactive date are not covered. If there is a break in the renewal of the insurance then the retroactive date is reset to the start date of the new insurance. We prevent this by ensuring timely renewal

Known Issues

Claims that come about from an issue that was known before the insurance was bought are rejected. The insurer will cross examine the case closely to see when the company became aware of the matter. This can be addressed by clearly describing any known issues when you buy your first CGL cover

Professional Services Claims

Claims related to deficient services or negligence are not covered in CGL. Those claims may be covered under a separate Professional Indemnity or Errors and Omissions’ insurance

Why Policy Nivesh

We are not selling anything online rather just educate customer about the product features , coverages, exclusions , claim settlement and all other things where customer get confused while buying any insurance/loans etc. If customer is satisfied with our product details than may ask for competitive quotes from various insurers.

Asked Questions

The premium rate of the motor insurance is determined by several factors such as the:

  • Vehicle and manufacturing year
  • Geographical location
  • Previous claim history
No-claim bonus certificate, a copy of previous year’s policy and the registration certificate of the vehicle are required for the renewal of auto insurance policy.
Yes, the premium rates of motor insurance can be lowered by negotiating with insurers to reduce the vehicle insurance quotes. Installing anti-theft devices in vehicles can also bring down the premium rates.
No, a consolidated premium amount has to be paid and there are no provisions for installments.
The following documents are required to make claim settlements on your auto insurance–

  • Copy of FIR, if applicable
  • RC of the vehicle
  • Driving license
  • Original bills and cash receipts
To pay premium of your auto insurance, policy holders can pay via cash, netbanking, credit card, debit card and cheques

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